Find 3 differences between the boss scolding an employee pictures in 16 seconds!

A management chastises a worker in the photo above.Readers have 16 seconds to spot three differences between the photographs.  

While some of the distinctions may be obvious to the unaided eye, others may require close examination to be identified.  

Because of this, readers must be extremely focused in order to distinguish the variations between the two images.   

Studies show that these activities engage memory and concentration centers in the brain.  Regularly doing these tasks enhances memory and concentration.  

A few astute readers may have noticed every distinction in the allotted time. To those readers, congratulations!   

If you were unable to figure out the answers, you should do these kinds of tasks on a regular basis to hone your observational abilities.  

Readers are welcome to compare their responses to the following solution.  

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